ARTIST: Ken Brisson
From: River Falls, Wi
Medium: Acrylic and Watercolor

I'm a long-time resident of rural River Falls. I came to painting watercolor rather late in life, after a 35 year career as a family practice dentist in Hudson. I've had the opportunity to show and sell my work at art galleries in Fort Myers, Florida as well as some winter art fairs there. I was the featured artist at Art's House Gallery in River Falls in the month of July, exhibited my work at the Unitarian Universalist Society in River Falls in September, and am honored to be the featured artist in the "Wonder of Color" show in November and December here at the Orange Dragon Gallery.  

Although I've never taken a formal art class, I don't remember a time in my life when I wasn't making art of one kind or another. My mother, still an artist herself at 93, always says that I was born knowing how to draw. I was the kid who was always drawing cartoons when I should have been paying attention in class. Ultimately, most of my adult-life art pursuits centered around architectural design and construction. For some reason, I never tried painting. But at the age of 65, I got the notion to add a little color to some ink sketches I'd done some 40 year before. So I taught myself how to paint. At first, just one color, that's "Gefilte Fish". Maybe two colors, that's "Dreaming of Babylon". After that, the flood gates were open, I couldn't get enough color. I also came to realize that drawing and painting are two very different things, I actually now try to resist the urge to draw and let the paint do the work. Watercolor is just the media for that!

I paint quite a variety of subject matter. I occasionally venture into the abstract, but most often my images are recognizable. The technique is consistent, generally animated and stylized; I have little interest in painting absolute realism. As I do much of my painting in Florida, there's also at times a tropical influence. I'm primarily interested in experimenting with and rendering image, form, color, and composition. 

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