ARTIST: Mary Lacer
From: River Falls, Wi
Medium: Woodturning

The warmth of the wood has drawn me to woodturning for over 36 years. The sound of a chainsaw ringing through the neighborhood catches my attention, beckoning me to a treasure hunt for an unsuspecting log, branch or shrub ready to begin the next phase of its life. As the curls of bark peel away I watch with an eager eye to see if chatoyance (meaning "to shine like cat's eyes") is hiding in each new piece of wood.

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The enjoyment I feel from making useful items that people hold in their hands and incorporate into their daily lives drives me to keep exploring different kinds of designs, projects and woods. Nature is a never ending inspiration that helps me to find ways of keeping people in touch with the world around them. The rich tones of a beautiful piece of finished wood never cease to bring me happiness and inspiration for the next piece that will find a home in someone's heart.
Being involved with woodturning has led me to realize that teaching comes naturally to woodturners. One of my greatest joys is watching people's excitement grow as they guide the transformation of a rough cut block into a gentle curve much like the smile that always sneaks into their faces.
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